The triple trifecta has happened.

My baby is asleep, my toddler is asleep, and Mr Complicated is snoring on the couch. Is this a sign of something good to come? Are my guardian angels signing soft lullaby’s to my girls while they both are asleep… in the same the same time?! And before 8:30 PM?! Is that bourbon or water in the glass left conspicuously on the couch next to my sleeping husband?

Either way, the looming full moon, or whatever it may be, I’ll take it. I’ve been longing for a break from being a mom since I woke up this morning. Sometimes this stay at home mom life is too much for me handle day in and out. This has caused me to drink my cocktail neat so I don’t wake the family trying to ice it down.

Which leads to another first, (thanks to the new moon or something). I was awaken by my toddler this morning telling me she had to pee and I needed to “come with me” to the bathroom right now. And then she peed, flushed, and announched she had to wear her “undies with stars on it”. Wow. And that first, a change in the development, a big moment, completely passed me by until just now, 13 hours later. Now with the sound of silence am I able to take a moment and reflect on the milestone we just hit.

So, maybe now, more than ever do I need to start writing to remember to take it all in. And I’m probably NOT the only one in this house that needs to enjoy the moments as they happen. Mr Complicated has been especially grouchy with our toddler. That sweet little girl who still asks for “boob time” (to nurse), never stops going for a single second, has been giving my husband a hard time. He is having a hard time with learning how to deal with her just turned 3 attitude of the engerzier bunny. It’s a strange age. It’s not that despite our number 3 out of 5 argument reasons is that he thinks I don’t understand how hard is it to go work everyday. But I get it, I do…and having patience with 2 little kids non stop for hours on end is a job in itself, but I dont get to come home and be grouchy or tired like him. The mom show must go on and I’m the only one who can dance with tigers around the stage.

Oh, how I needed this break so bad. Right after I army crawled out the bedroom once the girls fell asleep, in complete slience, holding my breathe, opened the door without it creaking, I stood in the hall in shock of hearing the sound of snores (in this case, an A++ positive noise), and for a whole minute could not believe that everyone was asleep. I laughed silently, of course to myself, and practically ran to the kitchen to pour myself a hard cocktail. I needed it so bad I didn’t even ice it because I didn’t want to risk the chance of waking someone up. But now, if you are keeping track like me, it is 19 minutes after snoozefest, after 1 close call of the little one waking up and I am able to muster up the courage to sneak around one more time to add water to my burbon neat. Still not as good as on the rocks. Should I risk it to add an ice cube to my drink? I think not. I already found my way to the couch with my feet up. So I’ll drink this bourbon with a splash of water, and not get up for like the millionth time and close my eyes and think about this fairly decent, good day and remember that my life is for the lucky ones. In the words of a very special women who told me not too long ago while on the phone telling her the girls were jumping all over me.. she said to “eat it all up” and right now, until I hear someone start to stir, will I eat it all up.

And in the glass belonging to the snoring man on the couch, it was just coconut milk. His job is physically exhausting, and at my job I just walk the same circle, picking up the same messes all day.


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