You know you’re a bored stay at home mom when you start having dreams about the Kardashians. I must know if Kylie is pregnant or not! I mean why won’t they confirm it and put me out of my misery.

I have to know!

I shouldn’t drink alcohol before bed because it always results in crazy dreams and terrible sleep. This particular dream I found myself at a hotel getting ready to leave. Not sure where I was going or why I was at a hotel in the first place, but dreams tend to make no sense. When I tell my husband about my dreams, the first thing he always asks is if he was in them. And mostly always my answer is no. Sorry honey, my brain is escaping and you aren’t included in that exit plan. So, I was alone and leaving the hotel. I got in my car and started driving out of the parking lot. I then see Kylie Jenner and a couple other girls walking on the sidewalk.

When I realize it’s her, I decide that I can make a lot of money off a photo and try to follow her to get a picture of her baby bump. That’s when she sees me and starts to run. I get closer and right as I get close enough to get a picture, she jumps into this huge pile of mud! She was in a white tee shirt, and frantically starts to rub mud all over to disguise herself. Can you imagine if that would actually happen. It would be amazing! I do not get the picture I had hoped for and even in my dreams I can’t catch a break of a good payday.

At this point I even my subconscious realizes that this dream is ridiculous and calls it quits. I woke up to a screaming baby. Dreams can be pretty crazy and wild. Sometimes its like a bad TV show. Just this past week I’ve also had dreams about my daughters cute chiropractor and baby poop.

But for real, is Kylie pregnant or not?!

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