I have been a faithful watcher of The Walking Dead since it first started. The show has had its low points and high points, and this current season 8 hasn’t been my favorite but I’m still hanging in there waiting for a main character to die something magnificent to happen!
My oldest was born on a Walking Dead Sunday and 14 hours after she joined this world we were cuddled on the couch enjoying the craziness of that world. I was on my new mommy high of just having a natural birth (at home!) and felt like I could do anything! I could totally survive a zombie apocalypse! But the reality was I could hardly walk from being so sore, and was in tears every other hour. Don’t get me wrong, a zombie apocalypse would not be my first choice for end of the world scenarios.

That would be terrifying to see during the drive to the grocery store!

Now that my oldest is 3, these past couple of years have not been good to my looks. Out of everyone in the house I’m the one that looks like I actually belong on The Walking Dead. I realize I look more like a ‘walker’ than I do Michonne. But, I blame that on my kids and the fact that I have no where to go during the day. Having kids, and being a stay at home mom, is often like being on The Walking Dead. Some days I feel like I won’t survive another minute. Other days, I’m happy and content in the confines of my wanna be Alexandria neighborhood. But on the most draining days, I feel like I’m walking among the dead and just trying to survive normal day activities. My children are cute and put together always, and I wash my hair maybe every other week.

Besides looking like I’m an extra on the show, the daily goal is to keep everyone fed. Even though I have a kitchen and pantry mostly full of food, I still run out of ideas of what to feed my kids. The bullshit picky eater of a toddler is wearing on me and all she wants to eat are potato chips and chocolate. (Mom fail for introducing chocolate chips as a bribe to use the potty. And it didn’t even work! She still wants to poop in her diaper.)

Besides trying to keep their bellies full all day long, the biggest similarity between having kids and The Walking Dead, is trying to keep everyone alive. I have no idea how little Judith is still alive. I guess its one of the shows secrets, like how or where they use the bathroom, how they brush their teeth, clean their clothes, etc…my list can go on. I have noticed that Judith is the quietest toddler I have every seen. It’s weird strange awesome amazing! When your life is trying to survive in that world, being quiet is a learned life skill for sure, and Judith rocks at it. Remember when she was a baby in the jail being taken care of by Beth? I’m sad we didn’t get to see her first steps. The writers have definitely drawn a line to not get too attached to Judith, probably because she will die probably because they did not want to evoke “mom” feelings towards her. Which I have to say is a good idea. Still, if my 3 year old could hang with Judith for one day she would probably teach Judith how to attract walkers and die. My daughter is a pretty fast runner so she might be able to out run them. But Judith doesn’t look like she gets much sun so she might have some trouble. Why aren’t they teaching her how to use a knife or a stick like Morgan? That would be a great part of the story line.

Anyway, it’s been great fun being apart of The Walking Dead world. It is a small escape I have looked forward to on Sunday nights. I’m looking forward to the finale when some good ass kicking happens and maybe the zombies will win. And maybe, just maybe, sexy hot Negan will die and we can all get along and work on raising Judith in a better world.

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