The holiday season is just about wrapped up and I couldn’t be happier. Its hard to stay positive when you have no money to spend on gifts and have to worry about feeding lots of people over the course of 4 days. My daughters have even more toys that I have to find a place to store and our credit card balance keeps climbing higher and higher. My husband took more unpaid days off to “spend time on the couch with us” and he is just one more person I have to pick up after.

I’ve decided to write about my holiday to the tune of The 12 days of Christmas because this song is always stuck in my head! Sing along with me…

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a giant fight in front of our kids.
On the second day of Christmas my true love said to me, “I hate your family”, and another fight soon followed.
On the third day of Christmas, my true love steamed for me, 3 dozen tamales. 2 hateful fights, and a looming divorce in the New Year.

On the forth night of Christmas my true poured for me, 4 glasses of wine. 3 dozen tamales for my in-laws, 2 loud fights, and the nightmare of dating again.
On the fifth day of Christmas I sent my oldest to time out for 5 long minutes! 4 bottles glasses of wine, 3 dozen tamales, 2 loud fights, and 1 regretful life.
On the sixth day of Christmas I treated myself to 6 servings of pie. 5 bites of pecan, 4 mouthfuls of pumpkin, 3 slices of rum cake, 2 nibbles of blueberry coffee cake, and 1 gingerbread cookie!
On the seventh day of Christmas my true love didn’t give me a single Christmas gift, but my family gifted to me, 7 awesome presents. 6 piece Josie Maran set, 5 herbs to plant, 4 gift cards, 3 XL (!) shirts that fit 😡, 2 Shot glasses, and a weird AI cabbage patch doll for my daughter.

On the eighth day of Christmas, everyone went home. And I stayed in my PJs all day!

Anyone else feel my pain?

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